An unforgettable Yacht Chartering Experience in Dubai

I have been living in Dubai for almost three years. During my stay in Dubai, I have experienced the glitz and glam of Dubai shopping malls, modern architecture, innovative buildings and the swanky cars. I had heard about the desert safari and yacht cruise Dubai but had not experienced yet. It’s only now when I explored the wonders of nature in Arabian Sea with some of my friends. The family living in my neighborhood went on a charter vacation last year. Every family member filled with pleasure shared the exciting moments spent on yacht and convinced me to explore the virtues and beauty of Dubai that lay beyond the glitzy buildings and hotels of Dubai. The photographs they showed me were really amazing and I finally decided to getting mesmerized by the beauty of nature in Dubai.

On the suggestion of my friend, I facilitated the services of Dubai yacht rental. We made reservations through website. On Friday, we were at the harbor exactly at 8 in morning where large numbers of yachts were docked. Yachts of different sizes were available and the manager suggested us to hire 33 feet yacht as it was suitable for four people. He introduced us to the 33 feet beauty. The rest of staff warmly welcomed us with refreshing drinks and gave us the tour of yacht. It seemed like a small hotel with the latest amenities. The yacht was beautifully designed and well maintained.

The combination of comfort and luxuries of yacht and surrounding picturesque views was really admiring. We spent quality time onboard and feasted on delicious lunch. The most amazing thing about the lunch was that every dish was prepared onboard by an expert chef that was making the meal more sumptuous. The aroma of food in sea breeze was appetizing. It was one of delicious feasts I have ever had.

One of my friends also wanted to catch the fish. The fisherman and crew helped him to prey a number of fish. There was no end to his happiness by experiencing fishing first time. Along with mouthwatering food, comfortable environment and fishing, the thing that made our yacht chartering experience memorable was the dazzling sunset views. The colorful sky and its reflection on vast sea along with cool sea breeze created an awe-inspiring aura. We finished our trip with most captivating views that still are imprinted on our hearts. I am really very grateful to boat hire Dubai for such an unforgettable yacht charter Dubai experience. It could only be possible because of high-end services of yacht cruise Dubai.

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